“The Three Heretics” Cover is Coming Along Nicely



A work in progress. A not-so-great picture of a screen, just to make the full reveal that much more fun.

To give each book in the series an identity that tells the readers “this is a Bones’ book,” commonalities will be shared between them. The front cover and back cover will generally mirror one another, with the protagonist being on the front and the antagonist on the back. However, in this case, an awfully familiar skeleton dude is chilling on the front. I don’t remember him being too nice. So who could possibly be on the back?


Come and Meet Your Three Heretics!

Hannah and I have been working on the cover for “Three Heretics,” Book Two in “The Bones of the Earth” series. Here are some sketches for our three heretics, the main characters of the novel. Just like “Bones,” there will be characters mirroring them on the back cover, but you’ll have to wait a little longer before I reveal them.

(If you’re reading this on Goodreads, apologies for the wacky-ass formatting.)

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Atticus Promo

Holy Child Promo

Want a Quick Look at the New “Bones” Series Map?


I need to scan this bad boy, but until, enjoy this somewhat decent photo of the new map for the “Bones of the Earth” series. It is currently based off the locations from Book One. Jacquelyn Graff, Hannah Graff’s sister (illustrator for the novel), created the map for me for Christmas.

You can find some more of her work here.

All Things Zombie: Chronology of the Apocalypse




I have some exciting news to share with everyone today. An unreleased short story of mine entitled “Nights in White Satin” will be included in the upcoming anthology “All Things Zombie: Chronology of the Apocalypse.”

For people who are fans of zombies or the horror genre in general, this anthology is definitely worth checking out. As I understand it, there are quite a few big-named writers of the zombie genre who have contributed to this anthology.

For people who are fans of my work, especially “The Bones of the Earth” series, this anthology is most certainly worth your time, as “Nights in White Satin” contains some pretty revealing connections to the series. Also, until the release of my own anthology, “Black Occult Macabre,” this will be the only way to read my short story.

So, if you’re a fan of zombies, horror, or just well done, independent work, check out this anthology.

You can read their first anthology-All Things Zombie: The Gathering Horde-here as well.

Can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks.



(Pst. I think I’m going to finish Part II of “Three Heretics” this week. At last!)

To Celebrate the release of the AUDIOBOOK for “The Bones of the Earth” on Amazon and Audible

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That’s right! I’ll be bombarding people more tomorrow, but until then, save this page and these links.




Horror Movies Worth Watching: 2000-2015



Inspired by other lists I’ve seen lately, I decided to throw together my own list of worthwhile horror films that have come out in the last 15 years. If I missed one, it’s probably because of this headache I have … or I just haven’t seen it yet! If you have any suggestions for movies I ought to check out, please leave a comment!

Note: I’m just going off what is listed as a release date on Wikipedia. Some of these were screened at an earlier time. My headache doesn’t need a headache, so we’ll keep it simple!


Vampire Hunter D: BloodlustI need more horror anime in my life. The aesthetic of this is what I imagine “The Bones of the Earth” would look like. Get it on Blu-Ray and prepare to blown away.


Dagon: A deliciously atmospheric adaptation of several of Lovecraft’s stories. The mood and pacing easily make up for the rather bare-bones plot. I haven’t seen all the Lovecraft-based films out there, but I imagine this one ranks pretty highly among them. As with most horror films, make sure to get the unrated version, so that you can enjoy the nasty skinning scene. Directed by Stuart Gordon, who also did … Re-Animator!

Jeepers Creepers: The first twenty or so minutes of this movie contain some of the best moments in modern horror. The build-up to villain and his/her/its lair is fantastic. While the last quarter of the movie isn’t quite as strong, it’s easily forgiven for everything that came before it. The Creeper, our villain, was poised to be one of the new horror icons, but unfortunately, the series never quite took off like it should have.

Session 9Abandoned asylums are creepy, unnerving places, so it makes sense that there are a plethora of horror films set in them. Session 9 may be the best of them all. Filmed in the very real but now demolished Danver’s Hospital, Session 9 combines unreliable narrative with hints of the supernatural to create a film that will stick with you long after the credits have rolled.


28 Days Later: Sick of zombies? You can thank director Danny Boyle and writer Alex Garland for that. While it’s a stretch to call the creatures in this movie zombies (they are actually individuals infected with a rage virus), it doesn’t really matter. It’s a zombie movie, through and through. There’s not much to say about this one other than it’s a modern classic and worth your time. 28 Weeks Later, it’s sequel, is very good as well.

Cabin Fever: Several friends go camping in the woods and find themselves doing battle with a flesh-eating virus that appears to spread via liquids. I have a special place in my heat for Eli Roth’s debut. To me, it is the perfect combination of Roth’s affinity for gore and weird humor. Deputy Winston is my spirit animal.

The Ring: It took me awhile to get around to watching The Ring when it first came out. Everyone kept talking about scary it was, and being a shithead teenager, I avoided it, thinking it was all hype. Surprise, surprise, I was wrong. The Ring, in some ways, is an almost flawless film. And we have it to thank for the massive influx of interest and remakes of Japanese horror that came thereafter.


Saw: Like most first movies in a big horror franchises, Saw one has been overlooked and crapped on. It’s an excellent movie that was way better than it deserved to be, given the budget and the shooting conditions. Though its pretty rough around the edges, the movie a great plot and a fantastic twist. One of the few, perhaps the only, modern franchise which I consider worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as some of the classics (sorry Paranormal Activity, get outta here). Saw I-III are solid movies. After that, maybe not so much, but you know what, I’ll give them credit. They tried to make it all connect and continue the plot. That’s better than most.

The Village: Whaaat? The Village? Yes, god damn it. It’s a stretch to call this a horror movie, but it’s a lot better than it gets credit for. I’m sticking it here to encourage others to give it another go.


The Devil’s Rejects: The best or one of the best Rob Zombie movies. A perfect combination of all that the rocker seems to enjoy. The cool thing about this movie is that the individuals we follow are villains themselves, which forces the audience to make a decision in regards to whether or not they want to connect with them. Though it is a sequel to House of a Thousand Corpses (kinda), it stands on its own.

The Descent: Hot damn I’ve seen this movie a lot. A group of likable, capable, strong women go into a cave as a way in which to bond after a tragedy. Obviously, shit goes badly. A claustrophobic film that’s super intense and never dull. Some people complain about the turn of events in the second half, but some people are boring and have no imagination. A sequel was made, and it wasn’t half bad. Make sure you watch the original ending.

Isolation: Christ, how did I even find out about this movie? A low budget horror film set on a farm where in which strange experiments are being done on the livestock. Moody and creepy as hell. Watched it recently and I was not disappointed in the slightest. You may have to do some work to find it, but it’s worth it.


Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon: Guess who I’m being for Halloween this year? I love this movie. It’s a great send-up of horror conventions done in a lovingly manner. Behind the Mask follows a film crew trailing Leslie Vernon, a man who wants to be among the greats, like Freddy, Jason, and Michael … who also are real entities in this world. I enjoy this much more than Cabin in the Woods.


Inside: One of the films part of the French extreme horror wave (what a great time). The plot is simple: a woman on Christmas Eve is being terrorized by another woman who wants to steal her unborn child. Disgusting, disturbing, but incredibly well made. The final shot is absolutely haunting.

The Mist: An amazing movie concerning a small town that is suddenly covered in a thick mist. This is easily one of the top Stephen King adaptations. Great acting all around, with effortless pacing, and, like inside, with an ending that will destroy you. When I first watched it, I couldn’t believe I was seeing what I was seeing in a mainstream movie. Kvlt.

The OrphanageI haven’t seen this is in a long, long time. I can’t comment on it, but I can say with certainty it belongs here.  

[REC]One of the best found footage movies. A Spanish film following a film crew for a TV show following a group of firefights into an apartment building where there’s been an incident. The sequel is awesome as well (but not the ones after that).

Trick ‘R Treat: For the longest time, it seemed as though this movie would never be released. Delay after delay after delay … but it was all worth it. This little movie turned into a Halloween time staple. Can’t wait for Krampus.


Martyrs: A gut-wrenching, extreme French horror film that follows a woman who was captured by a cult when she was younger and who is now trying to track them to enact revenge. Two films, really. The less you know about it, the better. It will disturb the hell out of you, but it’s impeccably made and will make you think.

Pontypool: I’d heard about this movie a whole lot, but it wasn’t until last year that I finally saw it. It’s an interesting take on the zombie and viral genre. The way it is set-up, you could probably just listen to the movie and have an awesome experience.


Antichrist: Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist caused a lot of controversy when it was first released. Beautifully shot, this movie will enrage you, as well make you seek out message boards to figure out what the hell it was all about.

The House of the Devil: Ti West’s best and probably most well-known film. The House of the Devil’s title explains everything. It’s a movie about build-up, aesthetic. It’s crazy how interesting a movie where very little happens can be. It has Tom Noonan, so for that reason alone, it’s worth watching.

Pandorum: A really fun, smartly made sci-fi horror film that was overlooked when it was released. A combination of Event Horizon, Alien, and The Descent. A man wakes up on a spaceship and can’t remember what the hell happened. And then he realizes he’s not alone, and that strange human-like things have set up a home around the ship’s reactor.

Orphan: From the trailers, this movie looked stupid as hell. It looked generic and like any other creepy child movie. But Orphan is anything but. It has great performances, a good story, and a pretty awesome and well-deserved twist. It feels like a movie that would’ve been made way back when.

Splice:  I feel like this movie has been overlooked, but I don’t know. Maybe not. I’ve always had a soft spot for it. It’s pretty strange and kind of does some things you’d obviously rather it not. I think this movie on genetic engineering holds up pretty well on subsequent viewings, and the special effects are still quite good.


Black Death: I fucking love this movie. I think I’ve enjoyed just about every movie from Christopher Smith. Whatever genre you would consider this (carnage in the old English countryside) is definitely becoming one of my favorites. This one follows a group of Christian soldiers appointed to the task of hunting down a necromancer in the swamps, where the black plague has yet to ravage them. I never tire of this movie, and in some ways, it’s inspired my writing. I don’t know. Just hit me in the right spot!

The Last ExorcismI’m not a huge fan of found footage movies. Not at all. In fact, I kind of actively avoid them. I think they’re overdone and fairly lazy. Most of these movies could be filmed normally, but because their found footage, it allows them to be done quickly and sloppily. However! I love the Last Exorcism. I love the cynical nature of the pastor and setting of backwoods Louisiana. Everyone does a great job in it, and there’s this very sweaty, stifling terror present throughout the movie. Can’t say I enjoyed the sequel, but this one is definitely worth it.


InsidiousThis one needs no introduction. James Wan and Leah Whannel are some of the top names involved in mainstream horror nowadays. With Insidious, they took a fairly boring, overdone genre and injected some new life into it. Even the sequels are fairly good.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil:  If you’ve frequented Reddit, then chances are you know about this movie (along with The Thing and Pontypool and other “gems”). Tucker & Dale is truly a good movie, though. It’s a hilarious take on the genre, reversing the roles of who’s good and who’s bad. The titular main characters deserve another movie.

Kill List: A disturbing movie about two hit-men doing a job for a mysterious benefactor. It jumps back and forth between being a domestic drama, a hit movie, and a strange, Wicker Man-esque film. If you’ve read any of my work, then you’ll know I have a thing for mixing genres and defying what is expected, so … yeah, I really enjoyed this movie. It takes a little time to get going, so give it a chance.

The Thing: A remake and prequel to the classic film by John Carpenter. This one shows us what happen to the camp that they visit in the first Thing. It’s a remake because it does follow a lot of the same story beats as John Carpenter’s movie, but at the same time, it does show us what happened prior to it. Is it necessary? No. Does it existing make the first movie worse? No, and that’s a stupid line of thought, so if you’re one of those people, cut that shit out. It’s the kind of movie that’s fun to watch, because you get to return to the world of The Thing without simply re-experiencing the same exact thing over and over again. There’s also a PS2 game, as well as a comic I’ve yet to get my hand on.


Prometheus: Ugh, but the characters made bad choices! And nothing made sense! And we didn’t even see the alien! And the screenwriter is a hack! Fuck off. Prometheus is awesome.

Sinister: I did not know what to expect when I first watched this movie. The direction, the soundtrack, and the snuff films blew me away. Would I have done some things differently when it came to the villain? Sure. But tough. We get what we get and that’s what we should judge it by. Ethan Hawke ought to be in more horror movies and I hope screenwriter Robert Carlyle keeps on doing his thing. The sequel was actually pretty good, I think, despite the poor reviews. Not the best, but it had its moments that made it worth watching.


The Lords of Salem: I didn’t much care for this movie the first time I saw it. The plot was fairly predictable and, in some ways, unsatisfying. But as time went on, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And you know what? The plot doesn’t matter. It’s all about that atmosphere. That thick dread. Say what you will about Rob Zombie’s screenplays, but the man knows how to direct.

Curse of Chucky: Seed of Chucky wasn’t a great movie. And while I really like Bride of Chucky, I’ve always wanted a return to the horror roots of the first film. This is that movie. Don Mancini, creator and constant writer for the series, directs the hell out of this movie. And the awesome thing? It’s not a remake or a reboot! This accounts for the films that came before it without requiring the audience to have seen them. I rank this right below Child’s Play. Can’t wait for the next one.

The Conjuring: James Wan is the man. At this point, you ought to know what this is.


As Above, So Below:  This movie has been unfairly shit on. Yes, it’s found footage, and yes, found footage is a dumb gimmick most of the time. But I couldn’t help but be glued to the screen by this film. The combination of location and lore really did it for me. This is the movie that made me decide I really don’t trust reviewers whatsoever when it comes to horror films (not that I did all that much before this movie). And the poster is badass.

The Purge: Anarchy: There’s no good way to put it. The first Purge kind of sucked. This sequel took the very intriguing set-up of the first movie and put it to good use. If you do a third one, bring John Carpenter in, as this had a very Carpenter, Assault on Precinct 13 feel.

Starry Eyes:  I heard about this movie around the same time people were losing their shit over the Babadook. Whereas that movie failed as a horror film, this one succeeded. A young woman with aspirations to be an actor finds herself involved with a company whose reach goes much deeper than Hollywood connections. Not going to lie, if it wasn’t for the ending, I wouldn’t like the movie as much as I do … as it is kind of slow and meandering … but that ending … Awesome! (I swear I’m writer. I just don’t put much effort into these blog posts. Woops!)

It Follows: Hype is a helluva drug. It turns fans into rabid morons and well-adjusted individuals into condescending, elitist shitheads. There was a lot of hype for It Follows, and I’m happy to say it was justified. Like Starry Eyes, it is slow and meandering, but unlike Starry Eyes, it is oozing style. It’s a very arty movie with a really neat, almost campfire-like story. Just don’t go in expecting to be scared to death (don’t go into any movie expecting that, and don’t use scariness as a way by which to measure the quality of a film) and you’ll have a good time.


We Are Still Here: I don’t really like most ghost movies. I find them repetitive and boring. We are Still Here is neither of these things. An older couple (breath of fresh air) move into an old house with a violent past and almost immediately things begin to happen. There isn’t an ounce of fat on this film. This isn’t some ghost knocking shit over like a petulant child. These are ghosts who make people explode. This may be one of my new favorite modern horror films. Got it on the shelf. Just need to watch it again!


Other recommendations

So, here are some other movies that I’ve heard are good and haven’t seen, or movies I haven’t seen in ages and remember liking.






















What’s New: 9/29/15

Good morning,

Or afternoon,

Or evening,

Been a busy week! But a lot of fun as well.


The reports that “The Bones of the Earth” has errors in it is getting to me. I know it does but, damn it, I’m so tired of reading it, haha. I’ve read that book so many times in so many forms. However, I will read it once more to catch these obnoxious grammatical errors that people are mentioning. It’s weird, because someone won’t find any at all, while others will report a whole bunch at once. I hate knowing the book has them. For anyone who has one of the earlier editions of the paperback, contact me and I’ll send you some free short stories as compensation for the errors.

The Kindle owners are in a good spot, though, as I can just push out updates.

I continue to work daily on “Three Heretics.” I don’t have a set number of words I aim to write every week, but maybe I should, so that it’s finished sooner. I really do want to get it out there so that people can feel confident in the series, knowing that there is a continuation coming and that their questions will be answered in one way or another not.

“Easiest Job in the World” and “Black Occult Macabre Vol. 1 Issue 7” are currently being edited. I’ll let you all know when they’re done, and I’ll probably make them free as well when I’ve uploaded the new editions.

The screenplays … not sure what to do with them. They’re canon, and they’re important, but they’re screenplays. I may pull them from Amazon so that I can turn them into something else later on. Novellas or novels.

I have an unpublished short story entitled “Nights in White Satin.” It’s unpublished because it contains quite a big spoiler for “Three Heretics.” The goal was to put it in the anthology; however, I submitted it to a friend’s publication way back when, so if it ends up in there, you’ll get an early look at it. It’s a zombie story, but if you’ve read “Bones,” then you know it won’t be your typical zombie story.


What the hell did I even watch this week?

The Green Inferno: Eli Roth’s kinda newest movie. It’s been delayed for a while now. I’m not one that buys into hype, and he’d hyped this movie up a whole lot, but even so, I was disappointed. Moments of it are decent. But aside from the first kill, it is far too tame for something that wants to be considered alongside Cannibal Holocaust. The acting is lame (whatever, it’s horror), the camera they used looks like shit (low budget film, fine, but low budget digital? blah), and the weird humor sprinkled throughout really messed things up. If you’re going to use humor, then it needs to be more consistent. The good? I really liked the idea of it, I liked the digs at twitter and SJW’s. The tribe was really neat to see, as well.

Cannibal Holocaust: My brother and I came home to watch this after Green Inferno. This is the Duke of New York A #1 of cannibal movies. Oddly enough, it’s actually a really good movie. Usually, these kinds of things are, you know, oh cool it’s gory or shocking, but there’s no substance. Here, there’s substance, and its filmed really well. Badass soundtrack, too. Real animals are killed in this movie, however, which was totally unnecessarily and something reportedly forced upon the director by the producers at the time.

You know a horror movie has done it’s job when a judge orders the director to have the actors come to court to prove they weren’t actually killed on screen.

Eaten Alive: Seeing a theme? We watched this and the previous two all in one night. An early Tobe Hooper film regarding a wacked-out in and the alligator that lives beside it. Really weird movie with awesome lighting. Very slow, kinda dream-like. Trashy, too. The blu-ray is pretty impressive from Arrow.

Prisoners: Amazing movie. Snubbed so fucking hard at the Oscars. Easily one of my favorites.

Videodrome: Best Cronenberg movie? Maybe. Probably. The origin of my obsession with flesh and body horror? Definitely.


Metal Gear Solid V: I know, I know. I’m slow, what can I say.

Bloodborne: Perfecto, as it always is.

Soma: Very Bioshock-y. Really starting to get into it.


So, I kind of, like, oh my god, saw Ghost last week. Was fucking amazing. Here’s some pictures I stole from my friend’s facebook. Hail Satan!

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Oh yeah, I do read, too.

So my loyal, loving fans (and when I say this, I’m basically talking about two people; don’t get the wrong impression that I’m that cool) have been recommending a book to me.

The Library at Mount Char

Nothing says “you’re comfortable with yourself” like a shitty picture not long after you’ve woken up. Can’t wait to read this bad boy.20150929_123114

Ah damn it. Sideways. Oh well. Adds to its charm.

Anyways, back to “Three Heretics”



What’s New: 9/21/15


Good stuff has been happening lately! Bones has gotten a couple new reviews over the course of a few days. And, thanks to my ever-diligent fans, it is now in the hands of a helluvalot more readers. Several these are pretty highly ranked on Goodreads as well.


“The Easiest Job in the World” and “Black Occult Macabre Vol. 1, Issue 7” have been rewritten. At last, it’s over! Now they need to be edited and updated on Amazon.

“The Bones of the Earth” has had several grammatical issues corrected. Paperback and eBook updated, but I’m sure there are plenty more errors to root out. That’s what happens when you self-publish, I guess.

Finally figured out an important question I’ve been asking myself about the Worms.

From now on, it’s “Three Heretics” all day err’y day until it’s in your hands.


So, apparently, it was Rob Zombie week this week? Didn’t even realize this until now, when I started thinking about all the movies we’ve seen this week.

House of a 1000 Corpses: How the hell did I not realize my short story sounds almost like this movie’s title? It took me like a year to realize it. Whatever. Horror prides itself on ripping off things. Pretty good movie. Not my favorite. If anyone should’ve directed the Texas Chain Saw Massacre remake, it should’ve been Mr. Zombie.

Lords of Salem: Tied with Devil’s Rejects for being one of my favorite Rob Zombie movies. The story isn’t anything special. If you’ve seen any satanic/witch movies, you’ve seen this one. But the direction is fantastic and the atmosphere delicious. Rob needs a little help with his writing (I’m available, fyi), but his direction is boss nasty.

Halloween: Rob Zombie’s Halloween. I don’t really much care for him explaining Michael’s backstory. But of all the aspects of the movie, it’s easily the best. The parts where he’s actually remaking John Carpenter’s film are kind of boring and poorly paced. Just there to be there. There are some good things here. It’s not a terrible movie. Lots of quotable lines. Joe Grizzly is the best.

Halloween II: Rob Zombie’s sequel. Totally fucking weird movie. I don’t mind the abstract nature of it, but I wished some of it would’ve been introduced in the first movie. It makes Michael’s motivation too similar to Jason’s. I do like the dark and brutal tone of the movie, and again, it looks fantastic, but I don’t know. Again, I don’t hate it. But it could’ve been more. This one is more watchable for me between the two, as it is more representative of Zombie’s vision, good or bad.

The Collector: Hannah has been wanting to watch this for the longest time. A good movie with a cool premise. Has a nice look to it. Enjoyable, despite some similarities to Saw.

The Collection: An Aliens-esque sequel in that it’s more action-y. I didn’t care for it the first time I saw it, but it’s grown on me since. I’d like to see a third movie.

Vampire Hunter D: Haven’t seen this in a bazillion years. The animation is amazing and the world, oddly enough, is very reminiscent of “Bones of the Earth.” Highly recommended.

Furious 7: Ah, pretty good. I enjoy watching these more with my brother than myself. The ending is pretty emotional, no lies 🙂

Sleepaway Camp III: My least favorite Sleepaway camp I’ve seen so far, but I still love it. Watched it again recently and it grew on me. Angela is an inspiration to us all.



Bloodborne: Playing this again in preparation for the upcoming DLC. One of my favorite games ever. I absolutely love From Software’s games. They are huge inspirations to me and my work.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Finally got Quiet. She’s badass and has a totally ridiculous backstory.

Soma: Don’t have it yet. But I will tomorrow! Looks so much fun.




What’s New: 9/14/15


Hope everyone had a good weekend! If you have any questions or just want to send me a message to chat, don’t hesitate!


Alright, I’ve been kind of slacking lately. “Black Occult Macabre Vol. 1 Issue 7” rewrite was supposed to have been finished a few days ago. It’s taking longer than I anticipated. It is suppose to mirror “The Easiest Job in the World” in regard to structure and build-up. Whereas “Job” is much more grisly and graphic (you’ll see, once it’s edited and updated), “Occult” is to be much more psychological, you think you saw something but you didn’t. Making that change has taken some time, but god damn it, I’ll finish this week for sure.

After that, the screenplays will need updating, but I’ll do the editing myself, as they are not particularly complicated in terms of grammar and word usage. They are canon, of course, but some minor details need to be changed, as the series has changed from when they were published a few years ago. No big deal, really, because no one has really read them (which, actually, I’m thankful for!). I really like the stories in the screenplays, so I go back and forth between taking them down so that I can turn them into novels and leaving them up, so people can see more of the universe. We’ll see.

“Three Heretics” is still being worked on. Not much last week but that should change soon. Made a lot of good plot developments in my head, so that’s a big help. It’s helpful to have “The Bones of the Earth” receiving so much attention now, as I have a better idea of what people are expecting. I don’t intend to distort my vision for the series based on what others want, but it’s good to know what things people liked, what characters people care about.

I’ve had some kind fans reaching out to bloggers and reviewers, promoting my book on their own time for absolutely nothing other than the satisfaction of seeing the series take off. I am so very grateful for their efforts.


Went to Horrorhound 2015 in Indianapolis this year with my brother and his girlfriend. Got to meet Freddy Kruger, Ricky from Sleepaway Camp, and Bishop from Aliens! So much fun. Hoping to get a booth there next year to promote “Bones.”

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Curse of Chucky: The most current entry into the “Child’s Play” series. As with most of these movies I list, I’ve seen it before, but I never tire of it. I love the return the series’s horror roots, and it is always a pleasure to hear Brad Douriff again. I’d rank this right below the first movie in terms of awesomeness. Can’t wait for the next one.

Halloween III Season of the Witch: Can’t really call this underrated anymore because people have really come around to it, or so it seems. John Carpenter’s original idea was to have each entry into the Halloween series be a standalone film based around the holiday. Personally, I love that idea and wished it had been used. Season of the Witch as an attempt to fulfill that idea. The plot is pretty wacky, but it has a killer soundtrack, is beautifully lensed by Dean Cundey, and is pretty damn intriguing. Despite having no Michael Myers, it is still one of my favorites in the series.

Hellboy II: Watching this movie just makes me want Hellboy III that much more. A great combination of action and fantasy and horror. I really need to start reading the comics. I’ve read Mignola’s “Baltimore” series. Maybe they’ll do that as a movie one day!

Supernatural Season 8: I’ve fallen behind. After slogging through season 7, it’s nice to be watching something that’s actually pretty good. Yes, the show should have probably ended after season 5, but there is something comforting about hanging out with the Winchesters.

Shocker: In honor of Wes Craven, my brother and I decided to watch a movie of his we hadn’t seen. “Shocker” was a fucking weird movie. It’s simultaneously terrible and pretty good kind of intriguing. My favorite part: when he possess the little girl; she inherits his limp and then limps her way over to a plow? to run down the main character. Rest in Peace Wes.


Metal Gear Solid V: Can’t say I ever tire of infiltrating enemy bases while rocking out to Rebel Yell on Snake’s iDroid. Gonna be a while until I beat this.


Hoping to see “Ghost” in Columbus, Ohio next week!

Magic: The Gathering

I realized I play Magic! and that people may be interested in this.

I don’t have any standard decks at the moment, but I currently run Jund and Infect in Modern. I’ve had my eyes set on building suicide zoo, but I think one hyper aggressive deck is enough for now.

Fingers crossed for something good to use in Jund with the new set.



The other night, Hannah and I were coming up with different ideas on how to market “The Bones of the Earth.” The first idea of many was … stickers!

Here are the rough sketches of four of them. There will be more, and we’ll be sharing where you can find them once Hannah has finished.

The cool thing is … these are the first glimpses anyone has ever had, myself included, of the other characters in the story beside Vrana and the Witch!

Blix sticker preview Deimos Sticker Preview R'yleh sticker preview vrana sticker preview