Bolded terms may contain spoilers for The Three Heretics

The Abyss: Where all who die are said to go.

Amon Ashcroft: The Archivist of Eldrus.

Arachne: Half-human, half-spider creatures from Atlach.

Alexander Blodworth: Understudy of Samuel Turov, an exemplar of Penance. He was given the task to go to Geharra to create a smokescreen for the disappearance of the Holy Child. Instead, he planted the Crossbreed in the city-state’s sewer system and used it to control the entire populace. Along with the people of Alluvia, a neighboring Night Terror village to the city, Geharra’s population was sacrificed by Alexander to birth the Red Worm.

Alluvia: The nearest Night Terror village to Geharra. It is the home of R’lyeh.

The Anointed One: Speaker for the Disciples of the Deep.

Ashen Man: His real name is Seth Barker. Partnered with Herbert North, he was a supernatural investigator from the twentieth century who was investigating deaths and disappearances in the town Nachtla. There, he discovered the Witch and fell in love with her. She took him into the Void and transformed him into one of her grotesque servants.

Audra: King Edgar’s sister. She is a gifted botanist and appears to have an ability to speak with and manipulate shadows.

The Binding Road: A road, much like the Spine, which cuts through the Nameless Forest. It is one of the few places untouched by the forest’s chaos.

Black Hour: A temporal aberration that occurs at midnight and lasts for one hour. During this period of time, anything that has happened, will happen, or may never happen is possible.

Bloodless: A mythological plant, like the Crossbreed, which is said to be capable of draining an entire town’s worth of blood in one night.

Blue Worm: A Worm of the Earth that was awoken on Lacuna by the Night Terrors to learn ancient knowledge. The Blue Worm taught the Night Terrors about magic, as well as how to procreate more effectively.

Cadence: The small southern village where Vrana leaves the little boy whom she later learns was the Holy Child. Upon learning the Holy Child is there, Penance rides into the town, kills everyone, and returns the Holy Child to Penance.

Caldera: Vrana’s home, and the southern-most Night Terror village. The village is built at the base of Kistvaen, a massive mountain.

Corrupted: A derogatory term used by the Night Terrors to identify humans. Humans are called this due to the crimson pigmentation in their skin on their right arms. The Night Terror’s believe this defect is evidence of humanity’s pre-disposition to violence; they use this as justification to murder the humans.

Crossbreed: A massive plant created from ingredients that are not supposed to work together. It secrets fluids that cause those who ingest them to become extremely susceptible to suggestion.

Dead City: An Old World city of skyscrapers and modern technology that is unreachable due to the poisonous fumes that cover the peninsula it sits upon.

Deimos: A Night Terror who wears a bat skull. He was a watcher of Geharra. His husband Johannes was killed by Corrupted. He hunted down Johannes’ killers, but in doing so, neglected his duties of keeping watch over Geharra. This allowed Penance to enter the city and take over its people.

Derleth: A Night Terror who wears an eel skull. R’lyeh had a crush on him. He is responsible for tricking R’lyeh into planting the Crossbreed’s roots in Alluvia’s water supply, thus giving Alexander Blodworth the ability to easily take over the village on his way to Penance.

The Disciples of the Deep: Eldrus’ new religion.

The Divide: The massive river that cuts down the content, separating the snowy lands of Penance from the Heartland.

The Dread Clock: Rumored to be the origin of the Black Hour; a grandfather clock thought to be located in the Nameless Forest.

Edgar: The youngest of the royal family of Eldrus. He is the king of Eldrus, though his ascent to power is a mystery to most.

Eldrus: The northern-city state that sits above the Heartland. It is governed by a monarchy led by King Edgar.

Exemplars: Six individuals who are meant to be the embodiment of a certain skill or trait. They are meant to be examples for the people of Penance to follow.

Flesh fiends: Subterranean creatures with a conflicted mythology. They wear the flesh and body parts of their victims. When a Corrupted and a Night Terror, there is a chance a flesh fiend will be born. They were last spotted in the sacrificial pit of Geharra, as well as near the island of Lacuna.

Geharra: The western-most city-state. The Night Terror’s favor this city due to their lack of interest in war and expansion. Now, due to Alexander Blodworth, the entire population is dead; they have become one with the Red Worm.

The Heartland: The lifeblood of Eldrus; many towns and villages exist here, including Gallows, Bedlam, Nyxis, Hrothas, Islaos, and Cathedra.

Herbert North: Seth Barker’s (the Ashen Man) partner in supernatural investigations. Currently resides in the Membrane.

Holy Child: Believed to be the speaker for Penance’s god. Only the Mother Abbess is higher than him in importance of the Holy Order of Penance. Samuel Turov stole the Holy Child away into the South for unknown reasons, and kept him there, until Vrana killed Samuel.

Johannes: A Night Terror who wears a fox skull. He was Deimos’ husband.

Kistvaen: The massive mountain that sits behind Caldera. It may be a dormant or extinct volcano.

Lacuna: An island off the eastern coast. It sits within the Widening Gyre, and it is hidden from prying eyes by spellweavers. The Blue Worm was awakened on this island and used by Mara and other Night Terrors to learn its secrets, as well as discover a way to repopulate the Night Terror people.

Lotus: The mayor of Threadbare.

Lucan: A Night Terror who wears a beetle skull. He and Deimos were both last seen making contact with Penance outside of Geharra; this was after the Red Worm had been born.

The Maiden of Joy: Also known as Joy or Adelaide.

Mara: A Night Terror who wears a mask made out of centipedes. She was in control of Lacuna’s fertility project. She has had run-ins with the Witch in the past.

The Membrane: A plane that exists between life and death; an area which may connect to additional planes and horrible dwellings. The dead pass through here.

Mother Abbess Justine: The ultimate authority of the Holy Order of Penance. Also known as the Hydra of Penance.

Nacthla: A small, abandoned town where it is believed a portal may exist into the Witch’s Void.

The Nameless Forest: Like the Black Hour, anything is possible here; except the Nameless Forest is not bound by time, so the chaos it contains is constant. It is from here the vermillion veins are said to originate.

Night Terror: A race of humanoids whose entire culture and purpose is to understand and murder the Corrupted. They are believed to be supernatural creatures, though their actual origins are a mystery. The only actual observable difference between Night Terrors and Corrupted is that Night Terror’s lack Corruption.

Old World: The world before the Trauma.

Ossuary: A massive desert located at the southern-most point of the continent. No one goes there, and nothing is said to thrive there.

Penance: The eastern-most city-state. It is the home of the Holy Order of the Penance.

Pyra: The headquarter for the Holy Order of Penance.

Red Worm: A Worm of the Earth that was summoned from the ten thousand dead that had been raped and murdered in the bowels of Geharra. It is currently on the loose.

R’lyeh: A thirteen-year-old Night Terror who wears an octopus as a mask. One of the few survivors from the genocide of Geharra. Her hometown is Alluvia. She was Vrana’s companion.

Samuel Turov: The exemplar of restraint. For unknown reasons, he stole the Holy Child and took him south.

Scavengers: A splinter group of the Lillians, who were an older sect of the Holy Order of Penance. They reside outside Geharra, where they worship a large, achromatic tower. They believe god lives inside the tower.

Shadows: Strange creatures that exist inside the Membrane. Audra of Eldrus has been known to speak with them as well.

Silver Necklaces with (colored) gems: Objects which are essential in the rituals used to summon the Worms of the Earth. When a Worm is summoned, it leaves behind a sealing stone, which is used to put the Worm back to sleep. When a Worm is put back to sleep, it leaves behind a silver necklace.

Six Pillars: An older name of Penance.

The Skeleton: A mysterious individual who Vrana sees twice in her journey. She meets him once in the Black Hour, and once again on the island of Lacuna. Mara tells Vrana the Skeleton was responsible for leading a rebellion against King Edgar.

Spellweavers: Individuals who are capable of magic.

The Spine: A massive highway system that once spanned the entire continent but has since fallen into disrepair.

The Trauma: A catastrophic event of unknown origin that has led the world to the state it is in now.

The Void: The home of the Witch.

The Woman in White Satin: A woman who lives inside the Nameless Forest and has charged Edgar with the task of killing the rulers of each village there.

The Worms of the Earth: Biological weapons of destruction brought about by ritualistic depravity and sacrifice. They are powerful creatures that have to be sustained by death. One Worm generally provokes the birth of another Worm as means of defense.

Vermillion Veins: Growths thought to only exist in the Nameless Forest. They are sometimes known to appear elsewhere on the continent but for reasons unknown.

Victor Mors: A philosopher who was assassinated for his studies into the Membrane and the Worms of the Earth.

Vrana: A Night Terror who wears the mask of a raven. She was mutated by the Witch into a grotesque raven-like creature and is now currently imprisoned in the Void.

Winnowers Chapter: An elitist group of Holy Order members who disagree with the direction the Mother Abbess is taking the religion.

The Witch: Also known as the Maiden of Pain, the Witch has been responsible for countless deaths over untold years. She attacked Vrana’s village of Caldera, and had been using Vrana as a way by which to spread her influence, so as to increase in power and relevance.