The Eight Apostates is Finished!

The Eight Apostates, Book 4 (or 6, including the anthologies; so confusing!) is finished. I’ve done my part in re-writing the book, which when all was said and done, added a whopping 14k words to the manuscript.

So what comes next? Well, we need to get this bad boy professionally edited. I also need to buy more ISBN’s, yuck. Hannah and I are going to start working on the exterior and interior (that’s right, we’ll have a special illustration inside this one) very soon. I anticipate the book being released Quarter 1 of 2019.

In the mean time, it’s marketing time. Like Bilbo, I’ve put this off for far too long. I will not be writing any more novels until I feel as if The Bones of the Earth has a significant presence out… there… whatever that is. I really believe in the series, and people really respond positively to it. Marketing is not my strong suit, but I believe it can be with time and practice.

I’ll be diving in to Amazon Marketing Service ads, as well as exploring how to make the most of keywords. I’ll be hunting down bloggers, podcasters; whoever likes books, I’ll be at your door, banging away. I’ll be increasing my social media presence, starting a podcast with my brother and brother-in-law, and hopefully, get a Patreon and/or Kickstarter going.

I’m tired of telling people that being a writer is a dream of mine. I’ve slept long enough.


The Agony of After is Now Available!

The Agony of After is now available at most online retailers on paperback or eBook! Message me directly if you’re interested in purchasing a copy of the book (or any book in the series) autographed by myself and the lovely illustrator, Hannah Graff.
This is the second horror (Book .02) anthology in The Bones of the Earth series. Lookout for the final book in the series, The Eight Apostates, coming later this year.
The Agony of After
Scott Hale
is an anthology of four interconnected horror novellas that take place after The Blood of Before and before The Bones of the Earth series.
A social worker arrives at a low-income housing complex for a routine intake, only to discover it will be anything but, as he is given a firsthand account of his client’s own form of therapy for the world itself.
A group of twenty-somethings who take pride in their ability to label and judge others discover their LGBTQIA community has become the target of a series of hate crimes by a culprit who appears motivated by the writings of their peerless leader.
The community of Bedlam is shaken as four children from four separate families are abducted on the same day, at the same time, in the same neighborhood, without any witnesses or apparent motives.
A wanderer with a memory longer than his lifespan drifts across the Trauma-wracked wasteland of Earth, finding companionship and purpose where he can, until he is taken in against his will by a creature with nefarious plans for the distant future.
Horrific, satirical, and necessarily uncomfortable, The Agony of After is a realization of what followed the events of The Blood of Before, and a pivotal piece of the secret history of The Bones of the Earth series.

Free eBooks!

From 1/18 to 1/22, The Bones of the Earth, The Three Heretics, and The Blood of Before will be FREE on eBook through Amazon! And if you like what you’ve read, you can pick up the newest book in the series, The Cults of the Worm, for $2.99!

The Cults of the Worm is Now Available!

The Cults of the Worm is now available for purchase on ebook and paperback at most online locations!


Separated by distance and ideology, Aeson and R’lyeh still share one com-mon goal: to save Vrana from the Void.
But the world has changed.

King Edgar’s new religion, the Disciples of the Deep, has spread through-out the continent, converting people into the living embodiments of its twisted beliefs.

While the Holy Order of Penance has forsaken its self-induced isolation, and with an army of thousands, moves to reclaim their flock and make per-manent their presence on the mainland.

But with every conflict, there are more terrible things hidden within the car-nage.

The rumblings beneath the Ossuary’s sands. The monstrous multitudes pouring out of the Nameless Forest. The vermillion veins lifting out of the land, as if by some unseen puppeteer’s hand. Corrupted and Night Terrors who bleed blue light from their eyes while working collectively towards an unknown goal.

Even worse are the secret songs rising up out of the Earth’s bloodied bow-ers, from the growing Choir and its two cruel conductors.

To rescue Vrana, Aeson and R’lyeh will have to sacrifice everything they were and intended to become. They will have to flay themselves time and time again on the terrors between them, until nothing remains, because in the end:
“Flesh… makes fiends of us all.”

The Cults of the Worm is Coming!

The Cults of the Worm is getting closer and closer! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to be one of the first to know about its release! Also, subscribers will receive snippets from upcoming works as well, plus whatever other weirdness I decide to throw in!


Important Updates!

Hello Everyone!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve used this website, or really done any marketing whatsoever. That’s my fault. I’ve been so consumed with publishing The Blood of Before and finishing The Cults of the Worm that, unfortunately, I’ve neglected my marketing duties.

But no longer!

Firstly, on the books:

THE BLOOD OF BEFORE, book .1 in The Bones of the Earth series, is now available to purchase from your favorite online retailer.

THE CULTS OF THE WORM, book 3 in The Bones of the Earth series, is now finished and in its first draft. I will be sending it off to beta readers soon, and then to the editor. I aim to have Book 3 released this fall.

As for the marketing:

I am going to take the next month off from writing to focus solely on marketing. I finally feel that I have a large enough body of work to instill confidence in newer readers. Here are my goals for the month:

  • Update website with new designs, content, and blog entries.
  • Finish and post my Kickstarter page.
  • Look into the possibility of setting up a Patreon.
  • Look into more paid advertising.
  • Make connections with bloggers for guest spots, reviews, etc.
  • More giveaways.
  • Visit local bookstores and see about having them stock my book.
  • Work with Hannah in creating an online store for Bones of the Earth memorabilia.
  • Do more live, as well as pre-recorded readings, to post on Facebook and Youtube.

Those are the goals. I think they’ll keep me busy well into the next month. As for the book release schedule, it is the following:

Book 3: The Cults of the Worm.

Book .2: The Agony of After (second anthology).

Book 4: Untitled final book in this Bones of the Earth series.

Standalone Horror Novels #1 and #2.

Sci-fi/horror series.

Hope to have some new content for everyone in the next few days!

Thanks, everyone, for your continued support.