Praise for The Bones of the Earth

“Scott Hale’s The Bones of the Earth was truly an incredible literary experience.” -Bobby, Goodreads member

“This novel continues a long tradition of great adventure fantasy and discovery while being extremely rooted in the very best traditions of better-than-Cthulhu horrorgore.”-Brad, Goodreads member

“This book wrenched me out of my reading comfort zone and took me on a journey that was wonderfully horrific.”-Terri, Goodreads member

“Once I began to read this story, I literally tried to force myself to read it slowly so that I could relish it all the more.” -Basia, Amazon member

“A thoroughly enjoyable work of art.”-Sunnyseas, Amazon member

Praise for Three Heretics

“I’ve never read anything quite like it and doubt I ever will again, that is, until Scott graces us with even more of his intricately woven plot lines.”-Benjamin, Goodreads member

“Seriously, why hasn’t a major motion picture picked Scott up yet and begged him for a contract? I NEED to see this in a motion picture! It would trump any fantasy/scifi/horror movie I’ve ever seen!”-Jody, Goodreads member

The Three Heretics by Scott Hale is like coming back to an old friend – I read “The Bones of the Earth” back in July last year, so I was surprised (and pleased) by how easy it was to jump straight back into this series.”-Dawn, Goodreads member

“Excellent second book to the series!”-James, Amazon member

Praise for The Blood of Before

“This is the truly gruesome and extreme horror I’ve come to know and love and expect.”-Arctunn, Amazon member

“A wonderful, horrible collection of stories spread out across time and place, stuck together with blood and other bodily fluids.” – Karen, Goodreads member.

“A handy 0.5 to fill in the gap waiting for The Cults of the Worm (book three in the bones of the earth series) and honestly I felt it was even better than book 1 or 2.” – Jody, Goodreads member.

Praise for The Agony of After

“I’m willing to go out on a limb here and say that Mr. Hale is one of the most compellingly disturbing masters of horror to have come out of nowhere in the last few decades.” – Brad, Goodreads member.