Get “House of a Thousand Hearts” and “That Which Walks Behind the Graves” FREE on Kindle 8/24-8/25

Aw yea, free stuff time.

8/24-8/25, my two horror short stories, “House of a Thousand Hearts” and its sequel “That Which Walks Behind the Graves,” are FREE.

Not only are they standalone tales that will leave you with nightmares, but they also integrals parts the universe of my novel, “The Bones of the Earth.”

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Short Stories and Screenplays


I just wanted to share that the short stories and screenplays that are currently available for purchase will be receiving updates in the upcoming months. I’m very proud of them and they are representative of my vision for each one of them, but I feel they can be improved. Some will receive significant rewrites, and all will be professionally edited. Expect updates to be pushed out in the next few weeks for “House of a Thousand Hearts” and “That Which Walks Behind the Graves.”

“House” has received extensive loving, which was necessary as it was originally conceived of as a simple framework for a mostly illustrated story. I think you will greatly enjoy the changes.