“The Bones of the Earth” was Released One Year Ago … Today! (Giveaways!)

1 year comic

It’s crazy to think it’s been a year since I released my first novel, “The Bones of the Earth.” Hannah and I did a little comic to commemorate the occasion. As you all know, Book Two, “The Three Heretics,” will be releasing, hopefully, in the next month or two.

To celebrate, we are hosting two giveaways, one on Goodreads and the other through Facebook/Instagram. Running from 6/10-6/20, the winners of these giveaways will receive a signed copy of “The Bones of the Earth.” And maybe some other secret, special goodies. Like the next novel. Who knows!





“The Three Heretics” First Draft is Done! So What’s Next?

I’m glad you asked!

Well, as any writer will tell you, the first draft is not the last drive. As pretty as you make it, as much as you love it at that moment in time, when you go back to it months later, it ends up losing some of its luster. So while “The Three Heretics” is done, it still needs some loving before we move onto the editing stage. So for those who are interested, here is the plan for the months to come.

  1. Rewrite “The Three Heretics” completely. There’s not much to this. I open up the file, go to the beginning, pick an empty line, and start typing everything all over again, making changes as I go. This may seem like a long process, but honestly, it’s not too bad. This way, rather than reading it and correcting when an issue pops up, I’m reintroducing myself to the story, memorizing all the little details I may have forgotten, and fixing things on a more focused level. I anticipate the beginning chapters to take longer than the final chapters, as though were just finished and more representative of where I am at as a writer at this moment. All in all, I expect this process, as long as I don’t dick around too much, to only take like 2-3 weeks. It could be more. I don’t know. It is a really long book.
  2. Beta readers! Want to hear something crazy? People are actually coming to me, rather than me going to them, and offering to beta read my novel! That’s awesome. The fact that people are that excited and invested in the series already (and these are people that I met after I published “Bones,” not pre-existing friends) makes me very happy. So once the rewrites are complete, those who have expressed an interest in being beta readers will be contacted and given the second draft to tear apart, worship, read with a mild indifference, whatever.
  3. Hire an editor! Wait, no, no exclamation point. Hiring an editor is expensive, and like I said, this is a really long book. But, damn it, it has to be done. Unfortunately, Eve Marie, the editor for “Bones” will not be returning to edit this novel. While I wish that she could, editing was a side job that, at the moment, has to be put on the back burner as she works her full time job. No big deal! So while the beta readers are doing their beta reading business, I’ll be scouring the internet for an editor that I feel will serve “The Three Heretics” well … and make me look real good.
  4. While our currently unknown editor is editing, Hannah and I will be putting the finishing touches on the cover. We will also be getting the world map together, and I will be completing the introductory letter and the glossary. Also, we will be coming up with marketing strategies and community things we can take advantage to promote it. It is time to get serious!
  5. Editing takes awhile, so I anticipate I’ll have some time to do other things, too. I hope to have my horror anthology “Black Occult Macabre” out by October. While “The Three Heretics” is getting a makeover, I’ll be trying to write the last two stories for that anthology, which are “The Black Hour” and “Where the Dead Go to Die.” I’ll also be working on my brother and I’s Friday the 13th script. Who knows if anything will happen with that, but it will be fun and … you know … I heard the studio is struggling to move forward with the franchise. If you want some pointers or, like, a screenplay, don’t hesitate to e-mail me, bruhs.
  6. Once “The Three Heretics” is edited and my bank account is lessened because of editing, I’ll review all the corrections and integrate them correctly (unlike I did last time). Then, I’ll ughhhhh then I’ll format the Createspace and Kindle files so they don’t look like mutant freaks of novels.
  7. Then release! So what is the release date? I have no clue. I wanted it to be out this summer, preferably around when “The Bones of the Earth” was released, but who knows if that will happen. But I think we can get this done in the next few months. I want it out there real bad.
  8. June 10th is the one year anniversary of “The Bones of the Earth.” Obviously, going to have to do something special for that. But what? Hmm.
  9. Well, after all that is done, I guess I’ll just have to start on the next novel, which is entitled “The

See ya later!

“The Three Heretics” Cover is Coming Along Nicely



A work in progress. A not-so-great picture of a screen, just to make the full reveal that much more fun.

To give each book in the series an identity that tells the readers “this is a Bones’ book,” commonalities will be shared between them. The front cover and back cover will generally mirror one another, with the protagonist being on the front and the antagonist on the back. However, in this case, an awfully familiar skeleton dude is chilling on the front. I don’t remember him being too nice. So who could possibly be on the back?


Come and Meet Your Three Heretics!

Hannah and I have been working on the cover for “Three Heretics,” Book Two in “The Bones of the Earth” series. Here are some sketches for our three heretics, the main characters of the novel. Just like “Bones,” there will be characters mirroring them on the back cover, but you’ll have to wait a little longer before I reveal them.

(If you’re reading this on Goodreads, apologies for the wacky-ass formatting.)

edgar promo

Atticus Promo

Holy Child Promo

Want a Quick Look at the New “Bones” Series Map?


I need to scan this bad boy, but until, enjoy this somewhat decent photo of the new map for the “Bones of the Earth” series. It is currently based off the locations from Book One. Jacquelyn Graff, Hannah Graff’s sister (illustrator for the novel), created the map for me for Christmas.

You can find some more of her work here.

All Things Zombie: Chronology of the Apocalypse




I have some exciting news to share with everyone today. An unreleased short story of mine entitled “Nights in White Satin” will be included in the upcoming anthology “All Things Zombie: Chronology of the Apocalypse.”

For people who are fans of zombies or the horror genre in general, this anthology is definitely worth checking out. As I understand it, there are quite a few big-named writers of the zombie genre who have contributed to this anthology.

For people who are fans of my work, especially “The Bones of the Earth” series, this anthology is most certainly worth your time, as “Nights in White Satin” contains some pretty revealing connections to the series. Also, until the release of my own anthology, “Black Occult Macabre,” this will be the only way to read my short story.

So, if you’re a fan of zombies, horror, or just well done, independent work, check out this anthology.

You can read their first anthology-All Things Zombie: The Gathering Horde-here as well.

Can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks.



(Pst. I think I’m going to finish Part II of “Three Heretics” this week. At last!)

The Audiobook for “The Bones of the Earth” is now available. And to Celebrate …

Everything is free!

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Margi Stephens did a wonderful job narrating the audiobook, so, please, check it out.

You can find out more about her and her projects at her website

To Celebrate the release of the AUDIOBOOK for “The Bones of the Earth” on Amazon and Audible

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That’s right! I’ll be bombarding people more tomorrow, but until then, save this page and these links.




My Favorite Movies of 2015


Hello there. Been awhile. “Three Heretics” has been keeping me pretty busy lately, and I figured it more productive to plug away at that than on here. But it’s good to keep things balanced, so here’s a list of some of my favorite movies from 2015, in no particular order, because that’s just how I roll.


I saw this movie last night and loved every single moment of it. I’ve always enjoyed all of Tarantino’s work, but prior to watching it, I did have some worries about its length and limited locations. I’m happy to report those worries were not realized.

The cinematography was beautiful, the writing was sharp, the acting was on point, and the plot itself was extremely captivating. The music, oh the music, was a lot of the unused music from “The Thing” soundtrack, and it fit the movie perfectly. At times, given what was happening on screen, I felt as though I were watching a horror movie.

I loved it. The movie is populated by terrible people doing terrible things, and the tone changes wildly, but I like things like that … things that cannot be pinned down, that make you laugh one moment and cringe the other. If you like Tarantino’s other movies, in particular slower ones like “Jackie Brown,” it’s definitely worth checking this one out.


I became a huge fan of this director’s work after watching “Prisoners.” And while “Sicario” isn’t on the same level as that movie, it’s pretty close. Like “The Hateful Eight,” the cinematography is disgustingly good, as well as most everything else. It’s an incredibly intense movie, too, with some absolutely awesome build-up before all hell breaks loose.

The plot is very interesting, not necessarily the content of it, but how it is executed. This is a movie determined to keep the audience at arm’s length, just like Emily Blunt’s character. In a way, it’s frustrating, because there isn’t necessarily a huge pay-off (there is and there isn’t), but at the same time, I liked it.


I didn’t know much about this movie other than it sounded like a really bad idea. Apollo Creed has a son and Rocky is going to train him? It seemed as though they were trying to cash in one last time on a franchise that had, more or less, ended well.

Good thing I didn’t know what the fuck I was talking about!

“Creed” was so good. Like, one of the best in the “Rocky” franchise good. It was so well made, with such passion. The audience I saw it with was absolutely captivated and invested into Creed’s journey. Whether you like the “Rocky” movies or not, you owe to yourself to check this one out.


Star Wars, doe. A little too similar to “A New Hope,” but other than that …

Star Wars, doe.


Okay, if I had to pick a best movie of the year, this may be one of them. I’d heard about this movie off and on. It had Kurt Russel (beautiful man), and it was a western horror, so I knew I had to see it. And I did. And I loved it.

It’s wonderfully well-written. The actors kill it. The direction is just right. And their journey is simultaneously beautiful and disgusting. I hope to see more of Zahler’s works. In fact, he’s a self-published author (or maybe not self-published?), and I’m thinking about picking up some of his books.

It also features one of the most fucked-up kills in a movie in a long time. See it, and add that notch to your gore belt.


I’m going to be lazy on this one. It’s insanely good, and praised so highly for a reason. This is a movie almost anyone can appreciate it. Watch it.


Okay, so, Guillermo del Toro is the man. I want him to be my friend, and I want him to work with me and direct my series. His vision, his passion. His desire. His most intimates of intimates …

“Crimson Peak” is a gorgeous movie. Probably one of the best looking movies to come out this year. It’s a movie I could probably thrown on at anytime and never tire of. The story is familiar and not terribly surprising, and most of the time such a thing would piss me off, but … the atmosphere and everything more than makes up for it. I can live with the familiarity if it means I get to enjoy all the other aspects of this delicious, gothic horror/romance tale.


I really enjoyed a lot of these movies as well, but I’m I’ve got dishes to do and books to write, so let me just list them instead. I’ll make a note for movies I haven’t seen but expect to be awesome.